Top 10 Furniture Companies in India

The furniture industry in India has seen a significant boom over the past few years. As more people strive to beautify their homes and offices, the demand for high-quality furniture has skyrocketed. If you’re curious about the biggest players in the game, here’s a list of the top 10 furniture companies in India:

Godrej Interio:

Godrej Interio stands tall as one of India’s time-honoured and largest furniture brands. Over the years, it hasn’t just maintained its reputation for crafting high-quality furniture, but it has also continuously infused innovation into its designs. Its longevity in the market speaks volumes about the durability and lasting appeal of its products.

Spread across the vast expanse of India, the brand showcases its extensive collection through about 50 outlets dotted in 19 distinct cities. Additionally, a strong network of 800 dealers supports its presence, ensuring that customers have easy access to their offerings.

When it comes to pricing, Godrej Interio has managed to strike a balance. With products ranging from Rs 1500 to Rs 50,000, they cater to various budget brackets. Considering the top-notch quality they promise, their pricing reflects genuine value for money. So, whether you’re setting up a new home or revamping an old space, Godrej Interio has something to suit every need and pocket.

  • Product Range: Godrej Interio is synonymous with trust and quality in India. They offer everything from home furniture to office and specialty furnishings.
  • Areas Covered: Godrej has a presence in over 1.5 lakh Indian homes and operates in over 650 cities.
  • Yearly Revenue: A part of the Godrej Group, Interio contributes a significant portion to the conglomerate’s yearly revenue.
Business Head/CEO/MDMr Swapneel Nagarkar
Email:[email protected]; [email protected]
Contact Number:1-800-209-5511; +91-9321665511
Corporate Address / Google Map:Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Ltd, Plot 30, GN Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091, India

Usha Lexus Furniture:

Usha Lexus, a prominent name in the furniture industry, is an integral part of the esteemed Shriram Group of Companies. Having carved its niche since 1983, it has amassed years of expertise and trust among its clientele. Headquartered in Gurgaon, this brand showcases an expansive portfolio of furniture pieces, meticulously crafted to cater to every corner of a home – be it the living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any other space.

At Usha Lexus stores, customers can explore a broad spectrum of ready-made furniture pieces. Each item on display is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, crafted in line with the rigorous industry standards of furniture making. Over the decades, the brand has managed to consistently uphold its reputation, making it one of the most reliable and sought-after names in the Indian furniture market. Whether you’re in search of a contemporary coffee table, a classic kitchen cabinet, or a chic bathroom vanity, Usha Lexus promises quality and style in every product.

  • Product Range: Known for their innovative designs, they deal in both home and office furniture.
  • Areas Covered: Usha Lexus has made its mark primarily in Northern and Western India.
  • Yearly Revenue: Their yearly revenue showcases their stronghold in the premium segment of the furniture industry.
Business Head/CEO/MDCharat Ram
Email:[email protected];
Contact Number:2790-1642 / 011-45770990
Corporate Address / Google Map:160-D, Sardar Patel Marg, Patny Centre, Secunderabad – 500003


Zuari, a name synonymous with quality furniture in India, has been making waves in the industry since its inception in 2001. While it operates as an independent entity, it’s worth noting that Zuari is a sibling brand to the prestigious Birla Group, nestled under the vast umbrella of the Adventz group. The brand, with its headquarters majestically standing in Chennai, boasts an extensive network, evident from its impressive 800+ dealer outlets spread across the nation.

Having earned the ISO certification, Zuari is a testament to commitment and adherence to global quality standards. The company not only focuses on creating furniture that aligns with consumer desires but also emphasizes innovation, constantly evolving its offerings. Recognizing the varied tastes and preferences of its clientele, Zuari prides itself on its ability to offer tailor-made solutions, crafting customized products to perfectly suit individual demands. This ability has cemented its position in the hearts of its customers, ensuring trust and loyalty.

When it comes to product range, Zuari ensures variety without compromising on quality. Their offerings span a wide price bracket, from a modest Rs 2,000 to a more premium Rs 75,000. While they excel in crafting exquisite home furniture, encompassing everything from fixtures to decor, they don’t limit themselves there. The brand also presents a comprehensive collection of office furniture, ensuring that both homes and workplaces can bask in the elegance and functionality that Zuari brings.

  • Product Range: A part of the Adventz Group, Zuari offers a variety of home furnishings.
  • Areas Covered: Their presence is felt predominantly in Southern India.
  • Yearly Revenue: With a consistent growth pattern, Zuari is a major contributor to the Adventz Group’s overall revenue.
Business Head/CEO/MDSaroj Kumar Poddar
Contact Number:18004253009: 91-44-2766 2420
Corporate Address / Google Map:G106, SIDCO Industrial Estate,
Kakkalur,Thiruvallur-602 003.
Tamil Nadu, India.


Durian stands tall and proud as one of India’s most revered furniture brands, continuously weaving a legacy of trust and quality since its inception. Tracing its roots back to 1981 in the bustling city of Mumbai, Durian began its journey as a humble plywood firm. However, recognizing the vast potential of the furniture market, it pivoted to this sector by 1985, marking the beginning of a new era.

A testament to its visionary approach was the inauguration of its first-ever retail store in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 1999. Today, Durian’s influence and presence can be felt nationwide, with a robust network of over 30 outlets. It’s not just the sheer number of stores that underline the brand’s commitment to quality; their ISO certification adds another feather to their cap, assuring customers of the brand’s unwavering dedication to excellence.

Perhaps what sets Durian apart in the crowded furniture marketplace is its unique warranty offering. With a generous 5-year warranty on its furniture, Durian has truly raised the bar, offering a peace of mind that’s unparalleled in the industry. The brand has carved a niche for itself with its diverse and superior range of products, encompassing everything from plush chairs, comfy recliners, and elegant sofas to versatile kitchen and bedroom essentials. Not to be overshadowed, Durian’s collection of office furniture, with prices ranging between Rs 2,500 and Rs 25,000, seamlessly melds functionality with aesthetics, catering to diverse professional settings with finesse.

  • Product Range: From sofas to beds and office furniture, Durian caters to a vast clientele.
  • Areas Covered: They have numerous stores across India.
  • Yearly Revenue: Durian continues to see significant growth annually, marking its dominance in the industry.
Business Head/CEO/MDSajjan Dokania
Contact Number:1800-22-3242
Corporate Address / Google Map:Durian Industries Ltd., 401,The Summit, Hanuman Road, W.E Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057, Maharashtra, India


Diving into the realm of online furniture shopping, UrbanLadder stands as a beacon for contemporary design and accessibility. Rooted in the tech-driven city of Bangalore, this brand has masterfully expanded its reach, now delivering its impeccable designs to over 75 cities across the vast Indian landscape. With a catalogue boasting an impressive collection of over 5,000 designs, UrbanLadder truly offers something for every corner of your home, encompassing a broad spectrum of 35 categories, from the living room to bedroom, and from the dining area to your personal study and decor.

Founded in the digital age of 2012, UrbanLadder swiftly cemented its reputation as an online-first furniture brand, capturing the imagination of the tech-savvy, modern Indian audience. However, its prominence caught the eye of industry giants, leading to its recent acquisition by Mukesh Ambani’s retail juggernaut, Reliance Retail. This new chapter in its journey marks a fusion of UrbanLadder’s digital prowess with Reliance’s extensive retail experience.

Yet, UrbanLadder’s evolution hasn’t been confined solely to the online space. Recognizing the timeless allure of brick-and-mortar stores and the unique touch-and-feel shopping experience they offer, the brand, in 2017, made a strategic move to expand its presence offline. This move allowed customers to experience their favourite pieces firsthand, merging the convenience of online shopping with the tangibility of offline stores.

  • Product Range: A digital-first brand, UrbanLadder offers modern furniture designs suitable for contemporary homes.
  • Areas Covered: They deliver across major cities in India.
  • Yearly Revenue: Since their establishment, they have seen exponential growth, thanks to their online-first approach.
Business Head/CEO/MDAshish Goel
Email:[email protected]
Contact Number:+91-80-46666777
Corporate Address / Google Map:Bengaluru, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 259&276, 100 Feet Rd, Amarjyoti Layout, Domlur, India

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Stepping into the realm of online furniture shopping, Pepperfry has emerged as a powerhouse, capturing the attention of homeowners and design enthusiasts alike. Established in 2011, this brand has woven its essence into the fabric of major Indian cities, marking a notable presence across 28 bustling urban landscapes including the likes of Bengaluru, Pune, Noida, Gurugram, Mysore, New Delhi, Chandigarh, and many more.

Pepperfry’s inception is an intriguing tale, brought to life by visionaries who once helmed positions at the global e-commerce giant, eBay. Strategically positioned in Mumbai, this brand’s headquarters is a hive of innovation and forward-thinking. While its digital roots are profound, Pepperfry recognized the irreplaceable charm of the physical shopping experience. Venturing beyond its online origins, it introduced ‘experience stores’ across various cities. These spaces serve as a tangible testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, allowing individuals to touch, feel, and truly connect with their prospective furniture choices.

From the heart of your home to the efficiency of your office, Pepperfry’s extensive catalogue promises a piece for every space. Whether you’re seeking plush sofas for your living room, sturdy tables for your dining space, or ergonomic solutions for your workspace, this brand promises quality. With a price bracket that spans from a modest Rs.1000 to an opulent Rs.1 lakh, Pepperfry ensures that elegance and affordability walk hand in hand.

  • Product Range: An online marketplace, Pepperfry hosts multiple brands and a vast range of products, from home d├ęcor to furnishings.
  • Areas Covered: With an online presence, they cater to consumers across India.
  • Yearly Revenue: Their innovative approach to furniture retail has led to impressive annual revenues.
Business Head/CEO/MDAmbareesh Murty
Email:[email protected];
Contact Number:+917941058689 
Corporate Address / Google Map:101, Ackruti Corporate Park, L B S Marg, Kanjurmarg West-400078


Recognized as South Asia’s premier furniture manufacturer, DAMRO made its notable debut in the furniture arena in 1996, under the esteemed Lanco Group of Companies. With its central hub nestled in the bustling city of Chennai, DAMRO has become synonymous with superior wooden craftsmanship. Its portfolio ranges from elegant sofas and cozy cots to functional kitchen and bedroom fixtures.

One of DAMRO’s crowning achievements is its sofa sets. Balancing affordability with uncompromised quality, these sets have cemented the brand’s reputation in many households. Within India, DAMRO’s presence is palpable, with approximately 50 showrooms dotting the country’s landscape. Beyond the domestic sphere, DAMRO has impressively marked its footprint in the global market, further solidifying its stature in the furniture industry.

  • Product Range: This international brand offers everything from sofas to dining sets.
  • Areas Covered: While Damro is an international company, in India, they’ve found a significant customer base in the south.
  • Yearly Revenue: Their consistent quality has ensured steady revenue growth in India.
Business Head/CEO/MDMr Nilantha Samansiri
Email:[email protected]
Contact Number:1800 425 1122
Corporate Address / Google Map:Outer Ring Road, (Near Horamavu Signal), Banaswadi, Bangalore-560043


RoyalOak, a luminary in the Indian furniture domain, has been a byword for style, quality, and affordability. Rooted in the heart of India, this brand has steadily climbed the echelons of the furniture industry, carving out a niche for itself. With a diversified catalog, RoyalOak caters to a broad spectrum of clientele, offering everything from opulent sofas to intricately designed dining sets. Their designs often encapsulate a blend of Indian craftsmanship with international styling, making it a preferred choice for many homeowners. The brand’s commitment goes beyond just selling furniture; they aim to provide holistic home decor solutions. With a pan-India presence, RoyalOak’s showrooms dot the country’s landscape, making quality furniture accessible to all. Their constant pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified their position as one of India’s top furniture brands.

  • Product Range: Offering a mix of Indian and international designs, RoyalOak caters to a diverse audience.
  • Areas Covered: They have a strong presence both online and offline.
  • Yearly Revenue: Their multi-channel sales approach has seen their revenues surge in recent years.
MD/CEO/Business Head/Country ManagerVijai Subramaniam/Captain Raghu Raman
Email:[email protected];
Contact Number:+91-7676367636 / +91-7676367636
Corporate Address / Google Map:Royaloak Furniture Banaswadi Bangalore


OTOBI is a well-known furniture brand in India known for its stylish designs and top-quality work. It has a mix of both traditional and modern styles that have won over many Indian families. They offer a lot of different furniture items, from modern tables to classic beds & wardrobes. They have many stores across India, making it easy for people to buy their products. Thanks to their focus on meeting different personal tastes, they have become one of the top furniture names in India.

  • Product Range: While OTOBI is a Bangladeshi brand, in India, they’re known as OTOBI India.They have their unique designs and quality.
  • Areas Covered: They’ve found a niche customer base in Eastern India, especially, in West Bengal..
  • Yearly Revenue: Their unique designs and impeccable quality have earned them steady revenue in India.
MD/CEO/Business Head/Country ManagerAnimesh Kundu/Arfin Ali/Ahammed Shukairy/Snehashish
Email:[email protected]; [email protected]
Contact Number:+8809613-808080 / +919874018394
Corporate Address / Google Map:75, Hem Chandra Naskar Rd, Subhas Sarobar Park, Phool Bagan, Beleghata, Kolkata, West Bengal 700010, India
Otobi India Details:

Wipro Furniture:

Wipro, a powerhouse in the corporate world, has expanded its reach across various sectors, with furniture being one of its prominent divisions. The legacy of its furniture brand traces back to the pre-independence era in 1945. With its roots in Bangalore, Wipro now boasts over 40 centres globally. Their diverse furniture collection encompasses office furnishings, partition systems, tables, benches, and more. The brand has earned acclaim for its continual innovations and its unwavering commitment to marrying quality with style in its designs.

  • Product Range: Part of the Wipro Group, they specialise in office furniture.
  • Areas Covered: They cater to businesses across India.
  • Yearly Revenue: Their specialisation in office furniture has garnered them significant revenues annually.
MD/CEO/Business Head/Country ManagerVineet Agrawal
Email:[email protected];
Contact Number:080-28440011/+91 (80) 61427999
Corporate Address / Google Map:#134, Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Next to Wipro Corporate Office, Bangalore 560035


In conclusion, we can say, with diverse styles, vast ranges, and innovative marketing strategies, these companies have marked their presence in the Indian furniture industry. As the demand for quality furniture continues to grow, these brands are set to further enhance their market share. If you’re in the market for some new pieces or simply wish to know where the industry is headed, keeping an eye on these brands is a must. Happy furniture shopping!

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