Top 10 Biggest Sea Beaches in the World

Discover the world’s most expansive and breathtaking sea beaches with our list of the top 10 biggest coastal destinations. Dive into natural beauty and coastal wonders.

The gentle sound of waves, the softness of white sand under your feet, and the vastness of the ocean in front of you – sea beaches have always been among the top destinations for holidaymakers. As 2023 unfolds, beachgoers around the world are setting their sights on the biggest sea beaches our planet has to offer. Let’s dive in and discover the top 10 biggest sea beaches in the world this year.

1. Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil

Rio Grande’s beach in Brazil is amazing. It’s over 150 miles long, making it the longest beach in the world. Every year, lots of tourists, many from nearby South American places, come to see it.

The city of Rio Grande is nestled in Brazil’s southern part. Its beach is not just long but also incredibly beautiful. Imagine walking or driving down a coastline that seems to go on forever! This beach is unique because of its vastness, and it’s a sight to behold. With the waves on one side and the city’s landscapes on the other, it offers a perfect blend of nature and urban charm.

Many visitors are drawn to this beach for its serene atmosphere, where they can relax, sunbathe, or indulge in beach sports. Given its length, one can easily find both crowded spots bustling with energy and quiet corners for relaxation. What’s more, its popularity extends beyond Brazil. Tourists from all over South America, especially neighbouring countries, flock here, adding to its vibrant multicultural ambiance. All these features make the beach in Rio Grande a must-visit destination for anyone touring Brazil or South America.

Important Features:

LocationSouthern City of Rio Grande, Brazil
Length of the Beach150 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year10 Millions
Visiting People from:South American Countries

2. Ninety Mile Beach, Australia 

The Ninety Mile Beach, even though it’s called that, is really 90 miles long. It’s in Victoria, Australia, and lots of tourists come here, especially from places like New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

Located in the beautiful region of Victoria in Australia, the Ninety Mile Beach is a bit of a surprise when it comes to its name. Instead of ninety miles, the beach stretches across an impressive 55 miles. Still, it’s a long, beautiful span of coastline that has much to offer. Its golden sands and clear waters make it a picture-perfect spot for beach lovers. Whether you’re interested in taking a long walk by the sea, having a fun day of picnicking, or just watching the waves, this beach has something for everyone.

What’s more, its reputation isn’t limited just to Australia. Many people from nearby regions, especially New Zealand and countries in Southeast Asia, find their way to this beautiful destination. They come attracted not just by its length but also its natural beauty, serene environment, and the possibility of various water activities. All in all, the Ninety Mile Beach, with its unique name and breathtaking views, stands as one of the gems in Victoria’s crown, beckoning travellers from near and far.

Important Features:

LocationVictoria, Australia
Length of the Beach90 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year9 Millions
Visiting People from:New Zealand and South Asia

3. Playa Novillero, Mexico 

Playa Novillero in Mexico is a long beach, stretching for 56 miles. It’s in Nayarit and lots of people from the USA and Canada like to visit.

Playa Novillero is a true treasure of Mexico, stretching impressively over 56 miles. Found in the scenic region of Nayarit, this beach is more than just its length. With its golden sands, clear waters, and the gentle sounds of waves, it offers a perfect getaway for those looking to relax and rejuvenate. The horizon seems endless, making sunsets and sunrises here truly mesmerising.

What adds to its charm is its popularity among North American tourists. Many people, especially from neighbouring countries like the USA and Canada, frequently travel to Playa Novillero. They’re drawn not just because of its beauty but also the warm, welcoming culture of the region. Local markets, delicious cuisines, and vibrant festivities make the experience even richer.

For those interested in water activities, the beach offers numerous options, from simple swimming and sunbathing to more adventurous water sports. The local communities are also rich in tradition, providing an added layer of cultural exploration. 

Overall, Playa Novillero is not just a beach; it’s a beautiful blend of nature, culture, and hospitality, making it a must-visit for anyone touring North America.

Important Features:

Length of the Beach56 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year6 Millions
Visiting People from:USA and Canada

4. Padre Island National Seashore, USA

The beach in Texas is really long, over 70 miles! Many people from the US, especially nearby states, love to visit.

In the vast state of Texas, there’s a beach that stretches impressively for more than 70 miles. This expansive coastline isn’t just known for its length but also its beauty, making it a top spot for many vacationers. The sands are inviting, and the waters are refreshing, painting the perfect picture for relaxation and fun.

People from all corners of the US are drawn to this Texan jewel. Its allure is especially strong for those living in neighbouring states. It’s not just the beach itself that attracts them, but the whole experience. From beachside barbecues to volleyball games and sunbathing, there’s something for everyone. Families, friends, and solo travellers alike find something to enjoy.

Additionally, the local towns and communities near the beach offer a taste of Texan hospitality. There are local eateries serving up delicious dishes, shops selling unique souvenirs, and festivals that showcase local culture and traditions. This combination of natural beauty and vibrant local life ensures that the 70-mile stretch remains a top choice for many looking for the perfect beach getaway. Whether it’s for a weekend or an extended vacation, this Texan beach promises memorable moments for all its visitors.

Important Features:

LocationTexas, USA
Length of the Beach70 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year8 Millions
Visiting People from:North America

5. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh 

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh holds the title for the world’s longest continuous natural beach. This impressive stretch of sand goes on for 96 miles, starting from Sea Beach in the north and ending at Kolatoli Beach in the south. Within this long expanse, you’ll find parts known as Laboni, Humchari, and Inani Beaches. People from all corners of the world are drawn to this beach not just for its size but for the lively vibe it offers. Visitors can engage in numerous activities, from beach volleyball to just relaxing on the sandy shores. One of the key attractions here is the stunning sunset views. Imagine sitting on the beach, feeling the cool breeze, and watching the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in shades of orange and red. Additionally, the beach boasts a comfortable climate, making it an ideal holiday spot almost all year round. So, whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or someone looking to relax, Cox’s Bazar promises an experience that’s hard to forget.

Important Features:

LocationCox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Length of the Beach96 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year20 Millions
Visiting People from:Asia

6. Ninety Mile Beach, New Zealand 

New Zealand’s own ‘Ninety Mile Beach’ is an intriguing paradox, given that it stretches for around 55 miles and not the ninety its name suggests. Located on the picturesque North Island, this expansive coastline is a natural wonder, offering a diverse landscape of sand dunes, azure waters, and lush surroundings. While it is a beloved spot for local Kiwis seeking a coastal getaway, its allure goes beyond New Zealand’s shores. International travellers, especially those from neighbouring Australia and Pacific Island nations, are drawn to its pristine beauty, making it a melting pot of cultures during peak seasons. The beach is also famed for its unique activities, from sandboarding down the vast dunes to fishing along its shoreline. Local tales, rich Maori heritage, and surrounding attractions further enhance the experience, making it more than just a beach but a destination with stories to tell. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or someone looking for serene ocean views, the Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand promises a memorable escape.

Important Features:

LocationNew Zealand
Length of the Beach55 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year6 Millions
Visiting People from:Australia and Pacific Island Nations

7. Stockton Beach, Australia

Australia’s Stockton Beach is impressive, stretching more than 20 miles. It’s in New South Wales and attracts many visitors, especially from Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

In the land down under, Australia boasts of many natural wonders, and Stockton Beach is one such gem. Spanning a vast distance of over 20 miles, it offers a stunning expanse of sandy coastline for visitors to explore. Nestled in the state of New South Wales, its beauty and charm don’t go unnoticed.

Travellers from all over find their way to Stockton Beach, but it holds a particular allure for tourists from Southeast Asia and New Zealand. Perhaps it’s the mesmerising sunsets, the chance to witness the dance of the dolphins, or simply the call of the ocean waves that draws them in. Each visitor finds a piece of paradise here.

The beach also offers various activities, from sand dune adventures to serene beach walks. The nearby towns add to the experience, offering delightful local cuisine and unique shopping opportunities. Cultural events and local festivals further enhance the beach’s appeal.

All in all, Stockton Beach stands as a testament to Australia’s rich coastal beauty, welcoming guests from near and far, promising them an experience filled with wonder and relaxation.

Important Features:

LocationNew South Wales, Australia
Length of the Beach20 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year5 Millions
Visiting People from:South East Asia and New Zealand

8. Troia Peninsula, Portugal

Troia Peninsula in Europe stretches for about 13 miles. Though not the longest, its vast beauty is unique. It’s especially popular with tourists from Spain and France.

Troia Peninsula, a European jewel, might not be the longest beach, but it offers a vastness and charm that few can rival. Located on a narrow strip of land, it provides a serene escape with its expansive sands and clear waters. It’s no wonder that the beach attracts countless visitors looking for a peaceful retreat from their daily hustle.

The most frequent visitors are the Europeans, particularly those from neighbouring Spain and France. Their proximity to Troia makes it a preferred weekend getaway or even a longer vacation spot. Beyond just the sandy shores, the peninsula offers various attractions, including ancient ruins and a diverse range of marine life.

Whether it’s to bask in the sun, take a leisurely stroll, or enjoy watersports, Troia Peninsula promises a memorable experience. The surrounding areas also offer a blend of traditional and modern amenities, from local eateries serving delicious cuisine to state-of-the-art resorts.

In conclusion, Troia Peninsula, with its unmatched beauty and vastness, remains a top destination in Europe, continuing to charm visitors from near and far.

Important Features:

Length of the Beach13 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year4 Millions
Visiting People from:Spain and France

9. Playa de Malvarrosa, Spain

Located in Valencia, Spain, there’s a beautiful beach that’s about 2 miles long. Even though it’s not the longest, its wide space makes it feel much larger and it’s considered one of Europe’s biggest beaches. Many tourists, especially from France, Italy, and Germany, love to visit this spot.

Valencia’s gem, this beach, might be short in length but is incredibly expansive, giving visitors plenty of space to relax, play, and soak up the sun. With its soft sands and clear blue waters, it’s a paradise for beach lovers. One of the beach’s major draws is its cleanliness and the scenic views it offers, making it a perfect backdrop for photos.

It’s no wonder that tourists from neighbouring countries like France, Italy, and Germany frequently choose this as their beach destination. Besides the beach, Valencia itself offers a rich blend of history, culture, and modernity, adding more reasons for tourists to visit.

The nearby restaurants serve delicious Spanish cuisine, and the local markets are always bustling with activity. As night falls, the beach area transforms into a vibrant hub, with locals and tourists enjoying the cool sea breeze.

In short, this Spanish beach, with its vast expanse and European charm, is a must-visit for those seeking a refreshing coastal experience.

Important Features:

LocationValencia, Spain
Length of the Beach2 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year1 Millions
Visiting People from:Germany and Europe

10. Clifton Beach, Pakistan

Clifton Beach sits in Karachi and is a major spot for fun and relaxation in the city. While it’s not the longest beach around, it’s quite wide and always bustling with activity. People from the Middle East, in particular, love to visit.

Karachi’s Clifton Beach is more than just a stretch of sand; it’s where the city comes alive. Families, friends, and solo travellers flock here to enjoy the gentle waves and the golden sands. It’s a place where kids build sandcastles, while adults enjoy a leisurely walk along the shoreline.

One of the unique aspects of Clifton Beach is its popularity among tourists from the Middle East. They are drawn to its beauty, the array of activities, and the warm hospitality of the locals. From camel rides to local food stalls offering mouth-watering delicacies, there’s something for everyone.

The beach also boasts a variety of restaurants and cafes lining its edge, making it an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy a meal with a view. As the sun sets, the beach transforms into a colourful spectacle, with the horizon painted in hues of orange and pink.

In essence, Clifton Beach isn’t just a beach; it’s the heartbeat of Karachi, bringing together people from all walks of life in a celebration of nature and community.

Important Features:

Length of the Beach1 Miles
Number of People Visit / Year7 Millions
Visiting People from:South Asia

As we end our tour of the top 10 biggest sea beaches in 2023, let’s appreciate the beauty and variety they offer. Beaches are more than just long stretches of sand; they are places of culture, food, and fun activities. As the year invites those with wanderlust to explore, these beaches shine not just for their size but for the unforgettable moments they provide. Each beach has its special charm, whether you’re into surfing, relaxing under the sun, or just gazing at the endless sea. No matter what you love, there’s a perfect beach out there for you in 2023. So pack your bags, put on your sunscreen, and get ready for some beach adventures. Wishing you sunny days and tide-filled delights. Safe travels and happy beach-hopping!

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