How to Apply for Bharat Passport – Complete Guide

Learn Step-by-step guide on how to apply for Bharat (Indian) passport. From documentation to submission, get all the insights you need to navigate the application process seamlessly. Ensure a smooth journey from start to finish with this essential guide.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the Government of India oversees the issuance of Indian passports. With 543 domestic passport offices, 89 embassies, and 108 consulates globally, they authenticate Indian citizenship by birth or naturalisation. From January 2023, the MEA is set to introduce e-passports with electronic chips and enhanced security features that align with global standards.

Types of Passports in India:

  1. Ordinary Passport: For the general populace, facilitating international travel for business or leisure.
  2. Diplomatic Passport: Issued to government officials travelling overseas on official duties.
  3. Official Passport: For government-designated officials or individuals on official foreign assignments.

How to Apply for Bharat Passport Online:

  1. Register on the Passport Seva portal.
  2. Choose ‘Apply for fresh passport/re-issue of passport’.
  3. Complete and submit the online form.
  4. Pay the application fee and schedule an appointment.
  5. Print the application form and receipt with the Application Reference Number.
  6. Visit the designated Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Regional Passport Office (RPO) with original documents.

Offline Application:

  1. Download the application from or purchase from a centre.
  2. Fill the form and submit it with necessary documents at the collection centres.

Passport Seva Project:

A MEA initiative aiming to enhance passport services throughout India, introducing call centres in multiple languages and integrating Passport Seva Kendras with Regional Passport Offices.

Rescheduling/Canceling Appointments:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Existing User’ and login.
  3. Click on ‘Submitted Applications/Saved Applications’.
  4. Choose to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Manual Submission:

Visit the Passport Office with the application, necessary documents, and a photograph. After verification and payment, an Acknowledgement Letter is provided to track the application status.

Passport for Non-Resident Indians (NRI):

NRIs can apply online for various passport services, accessing the form and submitting required details on

Documents Needed:

  • Passport application form
  • Proof of address and date of birth
  • Documentary proof for Non-ECR categories

New Bharat Passport Rules:

Recent passports have incorporated various changes for personal details, photos, and emigration checks. Significant updates include options for separated/divorced applicants, adjustments to annexes, and streamlined processes for specific groups like sanyasis.

Documents for Out-of-Turn Passports:

Required documents vary based on age, but generally include identification like Ration card, Voter ID, PAN card, Driving licence, etc. An Aadhaar card or its equivalent is a standard requirement.

To Proof of AddressTo Proof of Date of Birth
Passbook of running bank account having the photo of the applicantAadhaar card/e-Aadhaar
Landline or post-paid mobile billPermanent Account Number (PAN Card)
Rental agreementVoter ID card issued by the Election Commission of India
Electricity billDriving licence
Voter ID card issued by the Election Commission of IndiaA declaration given by the Head of the Orphanage or Child Care Home confirming the date of birth of the applicant on its official letterhead
Water billBirth certificate.
Income Tax Assessment orderTransfer certificate/school
Proof of Gas connectionThe copy of an extract of the service record of the applicant (only for government employees) or pension order (retired government employees) which is duly attested or certified by the officer of the concerned department of the applicant
Aadhaar cardThe copy of the policy bond that is issued by the Public Life Insurance Corporation/Companies having the date of birth of the holder of the insurance policy.
Copy of the first and last page of parent’s passport, in case of minors
Certificate from employer of reputed companies on their letterhead
Copy of the first and last page of the spouse’s passport mentioning the applicant’s name as spouse of the passport holder.

Bharat Passport Authorities & Collection Centers:

  • MEA: The overarching body for passport services.
  • CPV: Processes applications for official and diplomatic passports.
  • DPC, SPC, CSC: Only handles fresh passport applications.
  • PSK & PSLK: Front-end services for passport procedures.
  • PO/RPO: All back-end passport operations and services.
  • Indian Missions Abroad: Issuance of passports outside India through embassies and consulates.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Indian passports, from types and application processes to new rules and issuing authorities.

Fees Structure for Bharat Passport

DescriptionApplication Fee Fee
Fresh Passport (36 pages) of 10 years validity (including minors 15 to 18 years who want to get a 10 years full validity passport). Rs.1,500 Rs.2,000 
New Passport of 60 pages for a validity of 10 years. Rs.2,000 Rs.2,000 
Fresh Passport for Minors -below 15 years of age Rs.1,000 Rs.2,000 
Duplicate Passport of 36 pages if the original one is lost, damaged or stolen. Rs.3,000 Rs.2,000 
Duplicate Passport of 60 pages for a lost, damaged or stolen one.Rs.3,500Rs.2,000
Police Clearance Certificate/Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR)/Additional EndorsementsRs.500Not Applicable
In case of Change of Address, Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Appearance, Spouse Name, Name of Parents/Legal Guardian-Delete Emigration Check Required (ECR)/Change in personal particular (36 pages) (10 years validity)Rs.1,500Rs.2,000
In case of Change of Address, Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Appearance, Spouse Name, Name of Parents/Legal Guardian-Delete ECR/Change in personal particular (60 pages) (10 years validity)Rs.2,000Rs.2,000
In case of Change of Address, Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Appearance, Name of Parents/Legal Guardian-Delete ECR/Change in personal particular for a minor (36 pages)Rs.1,000Rs.2,000

Bharat Passport FAQs

How can I track my Indian Passport Application Status?

Visit the Passport Seva official website.

Click on ‘Track Application Status’.

Select your application type, then input your file number and date of birth.

Click ‘Track Status’.

Is police verification always required for the Indian passport?

Not always. Visit the Passport Seva website for guidance on when and how to undergo police verification.

What happens at the Passport Seva Kendras (PSK)?

You must visit the PSK on your assigned date. Here, they finalize the verification and approval of your passport application.

How do I know my ECR/ECNR Passport Status?

This status indicates if emigration clearance is needed for specific countries. Check the second page of your passport for the ECR/ECNR status.

Want to update your address in the Indian Passport?

Apply for a re-issue of the passport, either online or offline.

How do government employees get an Indian Passport?

Begin by sending a “Prior Intimation” (PI) letter to the concerned authority. Follow the standard application process thereafter.

What’s the turnaround time for obtaining an Indian Passport?

Regular applications: 30-45 days.

Tatkaal mode applications: 7-14 days.

What is a Type P Passport?

It’s the regular passport for ordinary citizens. ‘P’ denotes ‘personal’.

Is a permanent address compulsory for the Indian passport application?

No, but you must provide your current address.

What’s the maroon passport in India?

  • It’s a diplomatic passport for ambassadors, senior officials, and couriers. Also known as “Type D” passport.

Important News on Upcoming Bharat ePassport

Bharat ePassport Update: The Indian government announces the launch of the Bharat ePassport, set to revolutionize travel for its citizens. Embedded with a microprocessor chip, it promises enhanced security and swift immigration. Stay updated with key features, application processes, and how this new technology positions India on the global stage. Discover the future of Indian travel today!

Important News Headlines on Bharat Passport:

“Indian Government to Introduce Biometric Passports in 2024.” Excerpt: In a bid to enhance security and streamline the immigration process, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has announced the rollout of biometric passports by 2024.

“New Passport Seva Kendras to be Opened in Remote Areas.” Excerpt: To make passport services more accessible to its citizens, the Indian government plans to inaugurate several Passport Seva Kendras in remote and underserved regions of the country.

“Indian Passport Renewal Process Simplified!” Excerpt: The passport renewal process for Indians is set to become more user-friendly, with fewer documents required and expedited service options available for all.

“Indian Passport Holders to Get Easier Access to EU Countries.” Excerpt: A recent agreement between India and the European Union may soon enable Indian passport holders to experience smoother travel processes to EU nations.

“Mandatory Online Application Introduced for Indian Passport Services.” Excerpt: To streamline its services and reduce in-person visits, the Passport Seva portal now mandates online application submission for all passport-related services.

“Children Below 5 Years to Get Blue Passports.” Excerpt: The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has introduced a new blue passport for children below five years, aiming to make it easier for authorities to identify and prioritize young travelers.

“Increased Passport Validity on the Horizon for Indian Seniors.” Excerpt: Senior citizens might soon benefit from extended passport validity periods, as the government considers policy changes in response to public demand.

“E-Passport Trials Commence in India: A New Era of Travel.” Excerpt: Pilot programs for the much-anticipated ePassports have started in select regions, marking a significant step towards modernizing India’s travel documentation system.

Online Reviews on Bharat ePassport:

Rohit Mehra – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “Applied for my Bharat Passport last month and received it within 3 weeks. The process was smooth and the online system is very user-friendly. Highly impressed!”

Sneha Iyer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The Passport Seva Kendra staff were professional and helpful. Deducting one star because of the long waiting time, but otherwise, a hassle-free experience.”

Aman Gupta – ⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The new biometric feature is a great security addition, but the website often crashed while I was trying to apply. It took a few attempts before my application went through.”

Kavita Nair – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “Recently renewed my passport. Was pleasantly surprised with the quick turnaround and the SMS updates at every stage. Kudos to the team!”

Navin Bansal – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The Tatkaal service is a lifesaver! Needed a passport urgently for an unplanned trip and got it within 5 days. However, wish the fee was a bit lower.”

Reena Desai – ⭐⭐⭐ Review: “While the online portal is a boon, the in-person appointment was tedious. There were not enough counters, leading to a longer wait time.”

Ashok Kumar – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The introduction of the e-Passport is a welcome move. Tried it for my recent trip and immigration was a breeze. Hope to see more such innovations.”

Preeti Joshi – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The customer support helpline was quite responsive. They resolved my query regarding document requirements. Overall, a satisfactory experience.”

Vijay Shankar – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review: “Got my kids’ passports without any hitches. The special counter for children is a thoughtful addition. Great initiative by the passport authority.”

Fatima Khan – ⭐⭐⭐ Review: “The process is streamlined, but the website needs an upgrade. It’s high time we get a mobile app for passport services. Hope to see it soon!”

Conclusion on “Apply for Bharat Passport”:

Applying for the Bharat Passport has become a streamlined process, tailored to the needs of the modern citizen. With advanced security features and a user-centric online portal, it encapsulates the essence of the digital age. As one navigates through the application process, it’s evident that the Bharat Passport not only serves as a gateway to international travel but also reflects the progress and dynamism of the nation. Hence, whether you’re renewing or applying for the first time, make sure to explore and utilize the vast array of services and information available for the Bharat Passport. This invaluable document stands as a testament to India’s commitment to global integration and the ease of access for its citizens.

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