Bharat Passport Application Form Fill Up Details

Fill the Bharat Passport application form with ease. Discover step-by-step guidelines, tips, and essential details to ensure a seamless application experience. Fill out your Bharat Passport application confidently today!

The passport application forms are designed for machine readability, primarily through ICR scanners. Consequently, forms that aren’t properly filled out might not be recognized, leading to potential rejections. This form will be the basis for the details that appear on your passport, so it’s vital to provide accurate and clear information. Deliberately providing false or misleading information, or failing to disclose relevant information, is legally punishable.

Steps for Completing the Passport Form Manually:

  1. Always use capital letters, allotting one character per box.
  2. Stick to standard font styles and avoid any fancy or decorative fonts.
  3. Ensure you use a blue or black ballpoint pen. Refrain from using pencils or ink pens.
  4. For selections, mark an ‘X’ in the appropriate box. Do not use ticks or dots.
  5. Write within the confines of the boxes, making sure not to touch the edges.
  6. Maintain a gap of one box between words for readability.
  7. Steer clear of writing outside the designated boxes.
  8. In the event of an error, avoid overwriting. Instead, cross out the mistaken character and proceed in the adjacent box.
  9. Only fill in sections relevant to you. If a particular field doesn’t apply, simply leave it blank. Avoid using strikethroughs or writing ‘NA’ or ‘Not Applicable’.
  10. Handle the form with care. Avoid folding, smudging, or staining the document.

Guidelines for Passport Photographs in Bharat

When submitting your passport application at a PSK or mini-PSK, there’s no need to attach a photograph. However, for other centers such as DPC, SPC, or CSC, it’s crucial to include a photo adhering to the given specifications:

  1. Ensure the photograph is unsigned.
  2. Attach just one photograph that fits perfectly in the designated space, neither too big nor too small.
  3. Use only a recent, colored print of the photograph.
  4. The photo should be a frontal shot with the candidate’s head centered, showcasing both ears, facial edges, and an open-eyed, neutral expression.
  5. Opt for a white background and a dark outfit. Uniforms are not suitable.
  6. The dimensions should measure 4.5 cm X 3.5 cm.
  7. Use high-quality paper for the photo. Computer-generated prints or damaged photos won’t be accepted.
  8. For the signature box under the passport photo, minors should sign or use a thumb impression themselves. Parents or guardians shouldn’t sign on their behalf. Ensure the signature/impression fits within the box for accurate scanning.
  9. Refrain from using photos cropped from group pictures.
  10. Hair should not obstruct the eyes.
  11. Head coverings are permissible solely for religious reasons.
  12. Photographs with shadows or glares on eyeglasses should be avoided.

Instructions to Fill Passport Application Bharat:

Service Details:

  • Requirement: Fresh Passport OR Re-issue of Passport
    • If re-issuing, specify the reason(s):
      • Validity Expired within 3 years/Due to Expire
      • Exhaustion of Pages
      • Validity Expired more than 3 years ago
      • Lost Passport
      • Change in Existing Personal Particulars
      • Damaged Passport
    • In case of changes to personal details, specify the reason(s):
      • Appearance, Signature, Given Name, Surname, DOB, Spouse Name, Address, Delete ECR, Others (Please Specify)
  • Application Type: Normal OR Tatkaal
  • Passport Booklet Type: 36 pages OR 60 Pages
  • Validity: For minors aged between 15 and 18 years: 10 Years OR up to age 18

As you prepare to fill out the passport application in Bharat, ensure you carefully review each section to provide accurate details.

Filling Out the Bharat Passport Application: Applicant Information

Primary Information:

  • Full Name:
  • Aliases: Have you been known by any other names? YES or NO
  • Name Alteration: Have you ever undergone a name change? YES or NO
  • Date of Birth: (Format: DD-MM-YYYY)
  • Birthplace: Please specify the Village, Town, or City, including District, State, and Country.


  • Gender: Male, Female, Transgender
  • Relationship Status: Single, Married, Divorced, Widow/Widower, Separated
  • Acquisition of Indian Citizenship: Birth, Descent, Registration/Naturalization
  • PAN Number:
  • Voter ID:

Employment Information:

  • Job Category: PSU, Government, Statutory Body, Retired Government Servant, Self Employed, Private, Homemaker, Not Employed, Retired-Private Service, Student, Others, Owners, Partners & Directors of companies (CII, FICCI & ASSOCHAM members)
  • Government Affiliation: If you’re associated with the Government/Statutory Body/PSU, please mention the organization’s name.
  • Government Family Affiliation: Does a parent (for minors) or spouse work as a government servant? YES or NO

Education & Background:

  • Highest Level of Education:
  • Non-ECR Eligibility: Are you eligible?
  • Unique Physical Features: Visible distinguishing marks
  • Aadhaar Number:

Family Information:

  • Father’s Name:
  • Mother’s Name:
  • Guardian’s Name (if applicable):
  • Spouse’s Name:
  • Minor’s Parental Info: (Only if the applicant is underage)
    • Father or Legal Guardian’s Passport/File Number
    • Their Nationality if not Indian
    • Mother or Legal Guardian’s Passport/File Number
    • Their Nationality if not Indian

Residential Information for Bharat Passport Application:

  • Duration at Current Address: Mention the year and month since moving in.
  • Complete Address: Include House Number, Street, Village/Town/City, District, Police jurisdiction, State, PIN
  • Contact Details: Mobile Number, Email ID
  • Permanent Address: Is it the same as the current address?

Emergency Contacts:

  • Provide Name, Address, Mobile Number, Email ID

Passport/Identity Certificate Information:

  • Provide details if you possess an Identity Certificate or a previous passport.

Additional Details:

  • Disclose if there’s any pending criminal case against you.

Fee Information for Bharat Passport Application:

  • Amount Paid (in Rs):
  • If settled via Demand Draft, specify:
    • DD Number
    • Issue Date
    • Expiry Date
    • Bank Details: Name, Branch

It’s crucial to ensure accuracy when you fill out the Passport Application Bharat to prevent any delays or complications.

Bharat Passport Service Details

Official Site 
Passport Mobile AppAndroid users iOS users 
Customer Care Number 1800-258-1800
Consular Services AddressShri Amit Narang,Joint Secretary (CPV),CPV Division,Ministry of External Affairs,Room No. 20, Patiala House Annex,Tilak Marg,New Delhi – 110001Fax No. : +91-11-23782821E-mail : [email protected]
Regional OfficePassport Seva Kendra


  1. What payment options are available for the application fee? You can pay using Debit/Credit Cards (MasterCard and Visa), Internet Banking, SBI Bank Challan, or SBI Wallet Payment.
  2. After paying online, can I reschedule my appointment date? Yes, after the online payment, you can reschedule your appointment up to two times within a span of one year from your initial appointment date.
  3. When should I pay the passport fee at an SBI branch via the challan method? After generating the challan, wait for at least 3 hours. Post this, you can deposit the passport fees in cash at your closest SBI branch.
  4. Can someone else submit my passport application for me? No, applicants must personally attend the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) with their original documents and printed application receipt.


In summing up, the process of filling out the Bharat Passport Application form is a crucial step for every Indian citizen aspiring to travel abroad. Ensuring accuracy and comprehensiveness in the details provided can make the difference between a smooth processing experience and potential delays. As travel becomes an integral part of our globalized world, understanding the intricacies of the Bharat Passport Application becomes even more vital. Thus, every citizen should be well-versed and cautious while completing this pivotal document.

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