Annoying Text Subscriptions For Free To Prank a Boy Friend

Annoying text subscriptions to prank a boy friend is a great fun! Do you know how to prank a boy friend to receive annoying text subscriptions for free? Let’s know step by step about receiving annoying text subscriptions as free.

Pranking a boy friend can be an entertaining way to share a good laugh, but always remember to choose pranks that are harmless and in good fun. The last thing anyone wants is to upset or genuinely harm someone. With that in mind, if you are planning to prank your friend with some annoying text messages, here are a few methods you might consider.

1. Prank Your Boy Friends on their Mobile Phone With MessageBomber

MessageBomber is a service that allows you to send a slew of joke texts to a specified number. This can be an amusing way to catch your boy friend off guard. Just remember to limit the number of messages, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming.

How to use it in case of prank to boy friend:

  • Head over to the MessageBomber site.
  • Enter your friend’s phone number.
  • Select the joke or message you want to be sent.
  • Click “Send” and await your friend’s bewildered response!

2. Send Anonymous Text Messages with

If you’ve ever wanted to send anonymous texts to your friends without them knowing it’s you, is the platform for you.

How to use it to prank your boy friend:

  • Visit the website.
  • Enter the recipient’s number.
  • Craft your message.
  • Click “Send.” Your friend will receive the text, scratching their head trying to figure out who sent it!

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3. Prank Your Friends Using Spoof Box

Spoof Box lets you send prank texts, fake calls, and even allows for spoofing Caller ID. It’s a comprehensive tool for some light-hearted mischief.

How to use it to receive annoying text subscriptions free:

  • Go to the Spoof Box website.
  • Choose the prank service you want to use.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to execute your prank.

4. Put a smile on the face of your friend using

Does your friend love trivia? Or perhaps you think they might enjoy some ridiculous or outlandish facts? allows you to do just that.

How to use it to prank a boy friend:

  • Access the SendRandomFacts website.
  • Input your friend’s number.
  • They will begin receiving random, and sometimes hilarious, facts to their phone!

5. Prank Your Friends Using is more than just text messages. It offers a variety of prank call services, making it perfect if you want to diversify your pranking methods.

How to use it to annoying text subscriptions free:

  • Navigate to the OwnagePranks website.
  • Choose the type of prank you want to pull off.
  • Enter your friend’s details and let the platform do the rest.

Final Thoughts

Pranking can be a lot of fun, especially when both parties end up laughing. However, always ensure that your pranks remain harmless and that your friend will find it funny. Remember, it’s essential to know when to stop and not to push the boundaries too far. The objective is to create laughter, not conflict or distress. Happy pranking!



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