How to Check ePassport Status Online with Apply Details

Do you know how to check ePassport status online? Let’s see the application process from start to finish. Stay informed and travel with confidence. Apply for ePassports with our detailed guide.

Checking your passport status online is now straightforward. With a single click, you can see if it’s valid. Passports confirm your identity and are essential for international trips. They ensure you’re recognized and safe abroad. When traveling, you’ll show your passport multiple times, like at the airport. Beyond that, hotels and other spots might need it for identity verification. So, it’s vital to ensure your passport is up to date, and today, this can be done online.

Thanks to technology, checking your passport status is now more straightforward. You can do it online or via SMS. If you’re waiting for a new passport, both methods work. This article covers all you need to know about online MRP and epassport status check, ensuring you have all the details.

How to Check MRP Passport Status via SMS

In today’s digital age, technology has streamlined many of our daily tasks, making them more efficient and user-friendly. One such convenience is the ability to check the status of our MRP Passports. Gone are the days of waiting in long queues, navigating through confusing processes, and spending unnecessary time just to get an update on your passport status.

Now, with just a few taps on your mobile phone, you can quickly find out the status of your MRP Passport. Below is a detailed guide on how you can do this using SMS:

  1. Access the Messaging App: Open the SMS or messaging application on your mobile phone.
  2. Draft the SMS: Start composing a new message. In the message body, you’ll need to type ‘MRP’, followed by a space, and then your EID Number. So, if your EID number is 2233442, your message should read: “MRP 2233442”.
  3. Send the SMS: Once you’ve typed in the correct format, send this message to the designated number: 6969.
  4. Await the Notification: Shortly after sending the SMS, you’ll receive a return message notifying you of the current status of your MRP Passport.

In addition to this SMS method, you can also check MRP Passport status via the official online portal. Both options are available for your convenience, so opt for the one that you find most comfortable.

Remember, with the tools and technology at our fingertips today, staying informed and updated has never been easier. Always ensure you follow these steps accurately to get the correct information about your MRP Passport status.

How to Check ePassport Status Online via SMS

With the rapid progression of digital technology, many tasks have been simplified, especially in the realm of documentation and identification. Bangladesh has embraced this change with the introduction of the e-Passport system. No longer do citizens need to stand in long queues and navigate through complex procedures to get an update on their epassport status.

You can now conveniently check the status of your Bangladeshi e-Passport with just a few steps using SMS. Here’s a comprehensive guide to walk you through this process:

  1. Access Your Messaging App: Begin by opening the SMS or messaging application on your mobile device.
  2. Compose the SMS: In the message body, type ‘START‘, followed by an space; then, type ‘EPP‘, followed by a space, and then type your 14 Digits (including Hyphen) Application ID Number. For example, if your Application ID number is 4101-000302235, you should write: “START EPP 4101-000302235“.
  3. Send the Message: Once you’ve confirmed the message is in the correct format, send it to the designated number: 16445.
  4. Wait for the Response: After sending your SMS, you’ll receive a return message shortly, providing the current status of your e-Passport.

Moreover, for those who prefer online methods, you can also check ePassport status online through the official Bangladeshi e-Passport online portal. Both these methods are designed for your convenience, so you can choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Staying informed about your e-Passport status in Bangladesh has never been this easy. Always ensure to follow the steps meticulously to receive accurate and timely information.

e-Passport Delivery Schedule

  • Regular Delivery: Expected in 15 working days, or up to 21 days, after the biometric registration.
  • Express Delivery: Typically within 7 working days, or a maximum of 10 days, post biometric enrolment.
  • Super Express Delivery: Usually dispatched within 2 working days following the biometric enrolment date.

Online ePassport Fees in Bangladesh

Local Applicants (Prices include 15% VAT):

  • 48-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: TK 4,025
    • Express: TK 6,325
    • Super Express: TK 8,625
  • 48-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: TK 5,750
    • Express: TK 8,050
    • Super Express: TK 10,350
  • 64-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: TK 6,325
    • Express: TK 8,625
    • Super Express: TK 12,075
  • 64-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: TK 8,050
    • Express: TK 10,350
    • Super Express: TK 13,800

Bangladesh Mission General Applicants (Priced in USD):

  • 48-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: USD 100
    • Express: USD 150
  • 48-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: USD 125
    • Express: USD 175
  • 64-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: USD 150
    • Express: USD 200
  • 64-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: USD 175
    • Express: USD 225

For Bangladesh Mission Laborers and Students (Priced in USD):

  • 48-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: USD 30
    • Express: USD 45
  • 48-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: USD 50
    • Express: USD 75
  • 64-Page e-Passport (5 years)
    • Regular: USD 150
    • Express: USD 200
  • 64-Page e-Passport (10 years)
    • Regular: USD 175
    • Express: USD 225

These are the standard fees for applying for an e-Passport in Bangladesh, based on the number of pages and validity duration.

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Certainly! Here’s a breakdown of what each e-passport inquiry status means:

ePassport Inquiry Status Definitions:

Submitted: The e-passport application has been successfully submitted but has not yet been processed or reviewed.

Appointment Scheduled: A specific date and time have been set for you to appear for the biometric enrolment or other necessary procedures.

Enrolment in Process: Your biometric details (like fingerprints, photograph, etc.) are currently being captured and recorded.

Pending Basic Checks Inquiry: The initial verification of the data provided in your application is underway.

Pending Backend Verification: An in-depth verification process of your application details is in progress, typically involving cross-references with various databases.

Pending SB Police Clearance: A clearance from the Special Branch (SB) of the police is awaited. This is a crucial security check to ensure the applicant has no outstanding issues with law enforcement.

Pending Final Approval: All checks and verifications have been completed, and your application is now awaiting the final approval before the printing process starts.

Pending AD/DD Approval: Your application is awaiting approval from the Assistant Director (AD) or Deputy Director (DD).

Pending in Print Queue: All approvals have been granted, and your passport is now in line waiting to be printed.

Passport Shipped: Your e-passport has been dispatched and is on its way to the designated collection point or your address.

Passport Ready for Issuance: Your e-passport is ready and can be collected or will be handed over to you upon your next scheduled appointment.

Passport Issued: Your e-passport has been successfully issued and handed over to you.

Understanding each status helps in tracking the progress of your e-passport application and provides clarity on what to expect next in the process.

Apply for ePassport in 5 Steps

Apply for your ePassport in 5 Simple Steps (Last updated: 18 July 2023)

Securing your e-Passport is now just a five-step journey.

Step 1: Confirm if the e-Passport service is available in your region. See the active e-Passport Offices here.

Step 2: Complete the e-Passport Application Online. Start Your Online Application Here

Step 3: Take care of the passport payment. Check out the Passport Fees and Participating Banks Here

Step 4: Head to your local Passport Office for the biometric registration. Don’t forget to carry all the necessary documents for the process.

Step 5: Pick up your e-Passport from the Passport Office. Remember to bring the delivery slip given during your biometric session. If you’re unable to attend personally, a nominated representative (carrying their NID card) is permitted to collect the passport for you.

ePassport Urgent Application Ways

Emergency Passport Procedures Last Modified: 23 October 2022

What does the Super Express passport service entail?

For those times when you urgently require a new passport, the Super Express delivery service is at your rescue. Please be aware that specific terms and related charges are applicable.

What does Super Express delivery promise?

The Super Express or “Urgent” passport ensures issuance within a mere two working days.

Who is eligible to utilize the Super Express delivery?

All Bangladeshi citizens can make use of this service. However, it’s primarily designed for those who’ve previously held a passport and now require urgent renewal, provided there’s no change in their permanent address details.

Where can I place a request for the Super Express passport?

While every local passport office within Bangladesh is equipped to process your application, please note that this special service isn’t available at Bangladesh Missions overseas.

How does the delivery mechanism work for the Super Express passport?

Passports processed under the Super Express service are exclusively available for collection at the Divisional Passport and Visa Office situated in Agargaon, Dhaka-1207. They don’t facilitate delivery to other regional passport offices.

Pickup Address: Divisional Passport and Visa Office, Building-02 E-7, Sher-E-Bangla Nagor, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207 Contact: +880 2-8123788

Please Note: At present, the Super Express service is solely for those individuals wanting to get an e-Passport and who already possess a MRP passport with unchanged permanent address details. Even though you can apply at any office, the physical passport can only be retrieved from the specified Agargaon location.


By the end of this guide, we trust you’ve gained clarity on the online passport verification process. A passport isn’t just another document; it’s a vital tool ensuring your safety abroad. Remember, whenever you contemplate international travel, having a valid passport is crucial for your identification. You must know how to Check ePassport Status Online via SMS and online portal which is very easy, just follow above steps.

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